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Change of Seasons

Summer is fast disappearing, sunshine and light have faded, the brightness has gone. A new palette has changed the colours of the landscape, the trees and the plants - even the river has a different hue. Gentle rain and storms have softened the parched earth.

Some changes are welcome, others bring anxiety or sadness.

Securing loose garden items prior to forecast storms, sorting and removing winter clothing and footwear from their hibernation and packing away lighter summer ones and cooking warming food to replace cooling salads are all predictions of what is to come.

We are jolted into a new way of life - getting up before it is fully light; not allowing sufficient time for tasks or activities to be completed before the earlier, sudden descent of dusk, then night.

EVERYTHING changes - or does it?

Not God's love for us. Through all the seasons of nature and our lives we are assured that He will never change or leave us. He will always be present to guard and guide us whatever our circumstances may be.

Light will follow the darkness.

Rosemary Lancaster

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