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At the Tomb

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Ruth Walker has written a song for Easter, and also shared the music of it with us!

At the tomb, Mary stood weeping, at the loss of her Beloved.

She had come to be with Jesus, to anoint him with love.

But her heart was bereft, when she found he was gone.

So she stood all alone in grief, at the loss of her Beloved.

There were angels sat inside the tomb, where her Lord had lain before.

“Woman, why are you weeping?” the asked, her all forlorn.

“They have taken my Lord to a place, I don’t know”

As she turned there was Jesus, but she recognized him not.

She thought him to be the gardener, so she asked him straight away.

“If you’ve taken him away please tell me, where you’ve laid him now.”

Jesus called her by name, “Rabbouni!” she exclaimed.

She reached out, but he said “Touch me not for I haven’t risen yet.

Jesus said “Go tell my brother, I go to my Father now.

To Your Father and to my God, and to your God as well.”

So she left with her heart, filled with love for her Lord.

She went straight to the disciples telling them “I’ve seen the Lord.”

©Ruth Walker, February 2021

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