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Mary Seeks Elizabeth (Visitation)

Mary had surrendered to the Mystery of God

lonely and confused and a longing to share.

Who could she turn to Yes she was sure

Elizabeth her cousin was calling to her.

And in the darkness Mary set forth

longing to share her impending birth.

Elizabeth a Prophet saw the mother of her Lord

as they both embraced many blessings poured forth.

Her baby leapt for ioy in her womb.

Recognizing Jesus as Lord of All.

And Zechariah quiet and calm

welcomed Mary to his wife's loving arms?

Mary ever grateful exclaimed with songs of praise.

God lifts up the lowly and does great things for all.

Mary remained there for three months or more

Elizabeth her soul friend supporting her.

God will provide a friend when in need

someone to listen to hold and to be.

© Ruth Walker 2021

Artwork - 'The Meeting of Mary and Elizabeth' by Carl Heinrich Bloch, Public domain,

via Wikimedia Commons

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