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Religion! Church! Jesus! Many other things deserving of an exclamation mark and worth following!

A lot of the time in Church you get to hear reflections and preaching from one person - the priest/minister/pastor/leading God-botherer 😉.

In this blog we aim to give space to other voices within our parish, on varying subjects relating to the faith and respecting the unity-in-diversity we have in our Church. The truth, in case it needed pointing out, is that Christians don't all think exactly the same. Within our church, we don't necessarily think the same. And that's ok. Being able to agree and disagree and still love one another as sisters and brothers in Christ is an awesome thing. Some of what is said may resonate with you, some may not. When we share others' material, we may not fully agree with what is said - but we share it anyway, because it has inspired/challenged/confronted us in some way.

I hope that this blog is a blessing to you, and you enjoy engaging with what is posted.

Thanks also to our parishioners who contribute!

Every blessing

Fr Brett

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