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"You give them something to eat" : Resources to be shared

Contributing to the life of the Parish with a blog for the website seemed like a great idea when suggested. Then putting fingers to keyboard took me to a place of “blankness”. What could I say? I recalled the words of Jesus to his disciples when they were so concerned about providing for the physical needs of the large crowds that came out into the countryside to listen to him. I imagine this scene to be a bit like a music festival taking place “out in the bush” – a crowd that was not planned or anticipated – a spontaneous following of Jesus to hear more. Faced with this unexpected situation, Jesus’disciples become increasingly anxious. With no food, water or conveniences nearby, what might happen? Jesus’ response to the disciples’ anxiety: “You give them something to eat”. And the disciples begin to look around to see what resources they can muster.

Writing this blog raises for me and perhaps for you: What resources do I have that I can share with others at this time? How is Jesus speaking to me through this time of pandemic and lock down, or perhaps redundancy or very restricted work hours or even a much greater work burden.

For me, I find myself struggling to focus on making the most of each day to accomplish tasks that are necessary but have long been neglected – like washing of windows and sorting paperwork. I miss our regular weekly face to face meetings with parishioners and in worshipping together. In its absence, I realize how our Sunday coming together in worship enables a renewed energy and greater sense of community, going forward together. I wonder if my present experience strikes a chord in you?

The Reverend Judith Peterkin


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