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I have hope

But its been a long time coming

Hope is a long term thing

Its believing one day everything will be OK

Its having hope no matter the situation

Its putting short term and long term plans into place

My wife gives me hope

She encourages and supports me in whatever I do

She cares and loves me on a daily basis

She believes in me in whatever I do

Lorikeet gives me hope

By giving me the resources to deal with my bipolar

By running self esteem and wellness sessions

By having professional staff to help me

My spirituality gives me hope

I go to a church who support me

I pray and listen to bible readings

I talk to the minister and other people in the church

Living in Australia gives me hope

We are relatively free from Corona Virus

We have a comfortable lifestyle

We are free from war and political upheaval

My family gives me hope

They love me unconditionally

They are always there for support

They are always there to talk to

No matter what the situation

I always try and have hope

by Rod Boyce

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