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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Life is about taking control

Of your destiny

Of your family

Of your work

But then things happen

It sucks you in

It throws you around

It can be very unfair

But then it excites you

It surprises you

It gives you a buzz

It’s spontaneous

Life is fulfilling

You meet lots of people

You try new things

You feel lots of experiences

But life can be tiring

It can make you fatigued

It can run you down

It can drain you

Life can be spiritual

Prayer can help

Reading the bible can help

Going to church can help

You can take a break from life

Take a holiday

Take a nice hot bubble bath

Take a long drive

Life can be empty

It can be boring

It can get monotonous

It can be dull

So experience life in its many forms

Live life to the full

Live one day at a time

That’s life

Rod Boyce

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