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Our New Dog, Ruby.

I want a new puppy dog said my wife

She said I’ve had dogs all my life

She said they love you unconditionally and they play with you

I told my wife I have never had dogs

And I don’t know how I would look after a dog

But my wife wore me down and I eventually said yes

We purchased a puppy, an Australian Terrier from a breeder

Not a maltese like we originally thought

We soon learned how intelligent it was

She soon learned how to go through the doggy door

And although there were some accidents she learned how to wee and poo outside

She runs around and uses lots of energy

Then she gets tired and falls asleep on our lap

She jumps on us and gives us lots of cuddles

She plays outside on the grass or plays inside with its toys

She seems to enjoy going for a ride in the car

The only problem we have with her is she bites and nips us

Shes teething so that could last for a while

We’re getting doggy training this week

Which will help us look after her and help the puppy

So I’m glad we got a puppy

It will be fun watching Ruby grow up

by Rod Boyce

ps. Ruby is the puppy snoozing on the couch!


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Aug 21, 2021

I really appreciate your post

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